A boost to fibre installation in densely built up areas

SLL Energi & Infrastruktur has been using the RT 100 for a few months. It is high time to evaluate the equipment supplied by SAB Elteknik.

SLL Energi & Infrastruktur AB was the first company to purchase and use the RT 100. The machine has been running at maximum capacity since last summer and is already booked for several months ahead.

Jonas Elofsson is the CEO of SLL. He is very positive about the machine that has helped minimise impact to residential areas:

 – The RT 100 is a genuine help to fibre-laying in densely built up areas. In traditional excavation, the encroachment into asphalt surfaces is significantly more extensive, but now the environment is almost unaffected. This is appreciated by the municipality, the association and not least by the residents themselves, says Jonas Elofsson, CEO of SLL.

Exclusive Nordic rights
The machine was supplied by SAB Elteknik, which has the exclusive Nordic marketing rights to the RT 100. It is also a machine that reduces the costs of fibre installation:

 – In addition, the RT 100 has financial benefits. My assessment is that it halves our cost of restoring the asphalt surface if the existing road construction is in good condition, says Jonas Elofsson.

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