We train you to success!

The SAB Elteknik Training Centre in Överlida, Västergötland, provides both theoretical and practical training for anyone working with fibre optics or power cables. You'll learn how to optimize your equipment and tools and receive hands-on tips from industry professionals. A training course at SAB Academy teaches you how to work more effectively, giving you a head start on the competition.

The courses are designed for:
  • Electricians working in power engineering or on the grid
  • Purchasing managers who want to improve usage efficiency
  • Updating and deepening your skills in fibreoptic and power cable installation
  • New companies and new employees that want to hit the ground running

Core parts of the SAB Academy's training programme:
  • A combination of theoretical studies and hands-on exercises
  • Tackling realistic situations on our test course
  • Insider tips on how to improve your work methodology

Tailored scheduling
Training needs vary between organisations, so we will happily tailor a course to suit you and your company. We familiarise ourselves with your business to ensure that our training will leave you better prepared for future challenges. We offer courses for larger groups and individuals alike.

Turn your training into something memorable

Why not mix business and pleasure and visit our training site as part of your next kick-off event? The training will provide an opportunity for you and your employees to develop your professional skills, while at the same time enjoying yourselves and building team spirit. We will design a package, including overnight accommodation, filled with interesting activities.

Would you like to know more or book a course?
Feel free to phone us on +46 651-760 790 or email info@sabp.se

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