Mikael Borg to strengthen SAB Elteknik

Mikael Borg will be new sales manager at SAB Elteknik from 1 October 2018. Mikael's most recent position was at the Sicame Group and he has previously been employed at TE Raychem. The addition of Mikael Borg means that SAB Elteknik will further improve its expertise when it comes to cable accessories.

"Mikael Borg will fit perfectly in SAB Elteknik's corporate culture and make us an even stronger company. He has long experience of sales and technical support in relation to cable accessories up to 245 kV, which has given him an invaluable network of contacts. The addition of Mikael Borg together with SAB Elteknik's agency for Pfisterer means that we perceive major opportunities to grow within this field," says CEO Stefan Andersson.

Natural link to Pfisterer's and Sicame's headquarters

Mikael Borg will be selling SAB Elteknik's entire product range. Together with Mattias Åberg, he will be principally focused on customers in Southern Sweden. Mikael Borg will have particular responsibility for cable accessories from Pfisterer and Sicame and will be a natural link to their respective headquarters.

"Taking this step feels absolutely right. SAB Elteknik has developed enormously in recent years with new agencies and exciting new products. I am coming to a company that does not stand still. SAB Elteknik is constantly endeavouring to move forward," Mikael Borg says.

A familiar name that has been in the industry since 1990

Mikael Borg worked as a lines man and project manager before taking the step into sales. He was a salesman at Tyco Electronics Raychem and subsequently worked for the Sicame Group. Mikael Borg has collaborated with SAB Elteknik and observed the company from the outside. He particularly wants to emphasise the quality of the products and the company's customer focus.

"The high product quality produces satisfied and loyal customers. Moreover, SAB Elteknik is distinguished by the fact that its employees are highly active out in the field. If the customer needs support then they are rapidly on site. It feels very stimulating to now be one of the team at SAB Elteknik," Mikael Borg concludes.