Effective cable laying with the Sm200 from Marais

- Öland: 750 m/day with a shaft measuring 550x1200 mm and a packet of seven cables! - Tampere, Finland: 950 m/day over a total distance of 40 km

Sm200 is much more than a trencher. It can also handle the cable drum and carries up to K26, six tonnes. Without any difficulty, it handles cable, duct and fibre with a flexible wheel system.

Outside Tampere in Finland, the Sm200 was truly put to the test. It laid out 12,000 metres and the cost accounting was so amazing that the machine immediately received two new commissions totalling 22,000 metres.

In the first project, we managed 900 metres per day compared to the planned 750 metres – and the price per metre for the subsequent projects was only SEK 42. The ground conditions varied but in practical terms, there is nothing stopping this machine from moving mountains.

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