The world's largest cable project

The South-West Link is a project far beyond the norm. SAB Elteknik supplied the machinery, provided training in the Push Pull technique and monitored cable-laying.

The South-West Link aims to strengthen the AC mains network and improve the reliability of the national grid. The link runs from Hallsberg in Närke to Hurva in Skåne and reduces the vulnerability of Sweden's power supply.

NCC has been responsible for cable-laying and commissioned SAB Elteknik as their supplier. We provided six TL 3022, 18 DF6 and – most importantly – training in the Push Pull technique and cable-laying monitoring.

This has not been your average cable project. All in all, it involves 760 km of cable, weighing a total of 13,680 tonnes. Three teams laid 1,800 metres of cable per day in the world's largest cable project.

We are now looking back on a successful project during which both employees and machines have contributed greatly. Our positive impressions of the project are also confirmed by the fact that NCC has received the green light for other interesting cable projects, such as the underwater cable to Lithuania.

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